Hong Kong Style Dessert / Chinese Sweet Soup Course
Chinese Sweet Soups are not simply Chinese desserts. It's considered as a type of Chinese food therapy, nutrition therapy or "Shi Liao". It is particularly popular among Cantonese people who enjoy different types of sweet soups or "Tong Shui". People will prepare "Tong Shui" at home or order that in Chinese dessert shops to get their desired health benefits.

No matter you are just interested in learning how to prepare a few types of sweet soups which are good for you and your family or you are interested in opening your own Chinese Dessert restaurant or "Tong Shui" shop, you definitely should not miss this course.

This hands-on Chinese Sweet Soup Course is made up of 4 lessons. This course covers the fundamental technique of Chinese dessert preparation. During the lesson you'll learn how to prepare the desserts from raw ingredient. You'll learn the important steps of treating the raw ingredient, in order to get the best health benefit or taste from it. You'll also learn how the soup can be beneficial to your health.

Course Schedule: From 7pm to 10pm

Class size: Maximum only have 4 spots in each class

Lesson Recipes for each lesson Cost per lesson Date of lesson
A 1. Red bean soup
2. Black sesame soup
3. Glutinous balls with black sesame filling and ginger sweet soup
HK$1850 per person per 3 hours evening class -
B 1. Homemade tofu with ginger syrup/Sweet soyabean curd pudding
2. Double-boiled papaya and jelly fungus sweet soup
3. Steam eggwhite custard with jelly fungus and red dates
HK$1850 per person per 3 hours evening class -
C 1. Chilled mango pomelo and sago sweet soup
2. Mung Bean and seaweed soup
3. Walnut soup
HK$1850 per person per 3 hours evening class -
D 1. Black glutinous rice soup with coconut milk
2. JaJa/Assorted bean soup with sago and taro
3. Almond Tea
HK$1850 per person per 3.5 hours evening class -

1. The ending time for each cooking session may vary with the number of students in the class.
2. If you want to take away the food that you cook, please bring some food containers.
3. Advance registration is required by email.

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